August 31, 2016

Waste Diversion

NOPRI is actively diverting waste streams from local sources to use as resources in other projects and systems.


Styrofoam is an effective form insulation, is relatively inexpensive and can be used in many types of construction. On the downside, styrofoam persists in the environment and does not biodegrade. This is why we need to keep it out of landfills and put it to use in durable structures. Because it is so light, styrofoam is rarely recycled but it can be! NOPRI uses recycled styrofoam to build the foundations and walls of its all season greenhouses. We want your styrofoam, don’t send it to landfill.

You can help!

Budget requirements for upgraded styrofoam recycling equipment is approximately $15,000 for a shredder, collection equipment and a trailer:



Construction Waste

Yard Waste

Organic Waste

Paper & Cardboard Waste