May 21, 2017

One Year Paid Youth Internship – All Season Greenhouse Designer

Location: Northern Ontario Permaculture Research Institute – Little Current, ON
Salary: $35,000

This position is designed to provide a recent graduate (< 3 years) of an engineering program with practical experience in developing, implementing and managing software and hardware systems for all season greenhouses in northern climates. Completion of this internship will provide a broad range of skills essential for long-term success in developing food security infrastructure for rural communities in northern climates.

Deadline: Friday June 16, 2017
Start Date: July 1 2017 to June 30th 2018
Hours: 40 hours/week

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Climate Control and Mobile App Development
  • Develop embedded Java application on Raspberry Pi 3 to monitor and control greenhouse systems
  • Create and register devices in AWS IoT service
  • Create rules in AWS IoT Rules Engine to input data to RDS, send greenhouse status information through a RESTful API, send SMS and email notifications to users
  • Involved in all parts of the design process, from software development, hardware selection, construction, implementation, monitoring, troubleshooting
  • Greenhouse construction and management
  • Help construct 100 sq ft and 1,000 sq ft of greenhouse prototypes in summer of 2017 and spring of 2018
  • Manufacture of styrocrete forms
  • Manufacture truss fabrication jigs
  • Liaison with city officials and local waste streams to divert styrofoam from landfill

Candidates must be able to show the following characteristics

  • Excellent interpersonal abilities, a good team player
  • Self-sufficiency in problem analysis and risk mitigation
  • Strong attention to detail, and a work ethic to match
  • Valid driver’s license with access to a vehicle

Knowledge and Skills

  • 2+ years Permaculture design experience required
  • Experience with passive solar design methodology
  • 2+ years experience in construction, carpentry or related field. Exposure to alternative building materials and construction methods an asset
  • Experience with the some or all of the following software development tools and languages: Spring/Java, PostgreSQL, AWS IoT, Lambda, IAM and RDS, IntelliJ, Gradle, git, bash, Agile project management
  • Experience with Raspberry Pi or Arduino an asset


  • Recent University B.Eng graduate (less than 3 years)
  • Under 25

Northern Ontario Permaculture Research Institute (NOPRI) is a not-for-profit that promotes the practice, art, and science of permaculture through education and training on Manitoulin Island and in rural communities in Northern Ontario. The goal of NOPRI’s All Season Greenhouse (ASG) project is to enable local production of fresh food throughout all of Canada’s seasons – an achievement benefiting food security and the environment.

To Apply

Please send an email to with your resume and a brief cover letter explaining why this position is meaningful to you and why you would be a great candidate.

All Season Micro Greenhouse