August 31, 2016

Corporate Sponsorship

There are a variety of financial and non-financial ways that corporations can support NOPRI’s endeavors.

One Time Project Grants

One time project grants accelerate the launch or implementation of a project. If your company is able to be a catalyst, we have several projects in immediate need of funding:

1. NEMI Municipal Composting Pilot Project

compost-binFood waste in landfills contributes to climate change and creates leachate problems. By diverting food waste from NEMI’s landfill NOPRI will: extend the life of the facility, compost the waste to build soil fertility and feed farm animals. NOPRI requires 100+ green bins for a compost pilot project. Cost $3,000+
dump-trailerNOPRI requires a new or used dump trailer for moving waste materials (yard waste, manure, food waste) to processing sites. If you or your company are interested in donating a used trailer, can help with refurbishing a fixer-upper or would like to fund the purchase of a new trailer, please get in touch. Cost $5,000+

NOPRI Municipal Composting

2. NEMI All Season Greenhouse Pilot Project

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Glazing
Polycarbonate greenhouse glazing is the single most expensive component of NOPRI’s all season greenhouses and one that we can’t fabricate ourselves. If you would like to enable food production in or near your community all year, please consider a roof sponsorship. Cost $5,000+
PV Solar PanelNOPRI’s all-season greenhouses have been designed to be exceedingly energy efficient and can be run completely run with a modest off-grid solar system. Cost $5,000+

Medium Greenhouse Wood

Monthly Sustainer Donors

Monthly sustainer donations provide financial security allowing NOPRI to focus on both short and long term plans.

Donations of Land or Equipment

NOPRI is looking for light industrial and agricultural land proximate to each of the major towns on Manitoulin Island to construct and operate all season greenhouses.

Have an older tractor sitting idle? NOPRI needs 40hp+ tractor to run a compost turning machine.

Sharing Employees

If your company would like to lend a people-powered contribution to the community, NOPRI welcomes your input to assist with all-season greenhouse construction.