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To promote and practice the art and science of permaculture
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All Season Greenhouses

NOPRI is currently developing economical systems for producing food through most or all of the year. In the summer of 2016, NOPRI built its first prototype all-season greenhouse. We’ve been iteratively improving since then.

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Food Forests

Food forests are perennial polycultures; multipurpose edible plants planted in a way to mimic forest ecosystems. NOPRI is designing and implementing food forests of cold-hardy indigenous fruit and nut for use by local communities, with integrated self-sufficient automated watering systems.

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Waste Diversion

NOPRI is diverting food and yard waste from local landfills and turning this waste stream into valuable soil and garden beds as well as high-protein chicken and fish food using black soldier fly larvae.

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NOPRI’s education programs provide a safe, fun and challenging environment where people of all ages can come for a week or the whole summer to learn about science, technology, sustainability, construction, mechanics, electronics, robotics, renewable energy, organic farming and much much more!

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Carbon Sequestration

NOPRI is producing, supply and educating people on the many benefits of biochar. Biochar is one of the cheapest and most effective tools for sequestering CO2 in soil; it builds organic matter which makes soil and plants more resilient in the face of more extreme weather.

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Cold Hardy Perennials

Perennial agriculture offers one of the most effective tools available to mitigate climate change. NORPI intends to educate on the subject of perennial agriculture and become a source for diverse, cold-hardy perennials in Northern Ontario.


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